Federal Party Survey on Environmental Platforms
2021 Canadian Federal Election

In anticipation of the need to bring forth important issues facing Canadians today – environmental protection, economic justice and human rights – a questionnaire representing the collective priorities of the organizations listed below was sent to Canada’s five main political parties in August 2021.

Below is a summary of the official responses from the political parties surveyed. Please note that the parties’ responses were published as submitted and have not been assessed or checked for accuracy.

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This website is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to support or oppose, to promote or show disapproval of a platform, or to endorse or reject a party or any measures recommended by it. Please note that the parties’ responses were published as submitted and have not been assessed or checked for accuracy. This includes their self-assessment of whether they are responding “yes”, “no” or “partial” to each question.

  Yes Partial No
1. Will you implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples? 
2. Will you commit to a green and just pandemic recovery? 

3. Will you commit to fighting climate change by reducing carbon emissions across all sectors by 60% by 2030 and make it law?  
4.  Will you commit to a rapid phase-out of fossil fuels that supports workers, communities, and marginalized groups in the just and fair transition to a sustainable economy? 
5.  Will you stop providing government subsidies and tax breaks to oil and gas corporations, and instead match U.S. levels of investments in climate and environmental justice? 
6. Will you increase investments in protecting and restoring nature to fight and adapt to climate change and benefit biodiversity?
7.  Will you develop a new and credible plan to reverse nature loss and meet Canada’s international commitments, including to protect 30% of land and freshwater and 30% of ocean by 2030? 
8.  Will you invest in Indigenous-led land-use planning, the establishment of Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas and their stewardship by Indigenous Guardians; Indigenous-led efforts to restore and steward species-at-risk and habitat; and recognition of and respect for Indigenous knowledge in all aspects of nature conservation in Canada? 
9.  Will you reform Canada’s environmental laws to prevent exposures to toxics and pollution, recognize environmental rights, rigorously control genetically modified animals, ban the most problematic plastics, and hold plastic producers accountable for the wastes they produce? 
10. Will you establish an office of environmental justice and equity to address the greater environmental impacts on racialized and marginalized communities and enact an Environmental Bill of Rights? 
11. Will you stop subsidizing nuclear energy, meet international standards for nuclear waste management, and ban radioactive waste imports and exports?

Bloc Québécois
Conservative Party
Green Party
Liberal Party
New Democratic Party